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I joined in February 2010.  (It's recorded to be January of 2010)  The Caprock Chapter invited coaches & referees to an appreciation
lunch for participating in the 2009 tournament held in December.  I realized what the organization was about.   A few weeks later, I enlisted.  
It's been a good organization in which to be a member.  $40 dues/month is reasonable, probably pays for the weekly luncheon
(Thursdays at noon, Koko Palace) by Danny's Fins & Hens meals.   It's paid me more than I've paid them.

I'm now PAST President of the Caprock chapter.  Thanks in part to the resignation of Leslye Molamphy who's husband took a job in St. Louis
less than a month after she was installed in June 2013 as President.  23 months later, past president is on the resume.
  I've started some initiatives for which I'm proud.

The aim is to help people with disabilites, the big fund raiser is the annual Caprock Basketball Tournament during the Christmas holidays.
It's another way to help others.  Starting in July of 2011, we started building ramps for people.
A picture of my lapel pin goes here - I can't locate the pin.  I need a new pin.  I attended the National Conference (July 2012) in Oklahoma City but didn't get a new one.  Sometimes it's just easier to replace than to locate.
In 2013, the national convention was in Fort Worth.  In September of 2013, Lubbock hosted the (last) Fall Conference for this region (North Texas).  Fall Conference cease to be as the summer National convention has now moved to the Fall season (October).
Here's a hat pin I received when I got my Big Hat:Hat pin

                  Ramp recipient pictures!

AmTryke giveaway 9/16/2010 @ Koko Palace - Noon
AmTryke 9/18/2010

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Frank Dimas

Frank Dimas
I delevered his AmTryke to his house
September 7th, 2017

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