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Debbie retired from LISD and Brown in May of 2013.  My status of reading at Brown has diminished though for the
2016-2017 school year, I read to Ms. Biciaga's 1st grade class on Thursday (or Friday), the same classroom that
Debbie had taught.  

Brown Elementary  2315 36th Street
Lubbock, Tx   79412


n most Tuesdays and Thursdays through the school year, I read to first graders, OR they read to me.  This was a result
of my wife, Deb, explaining through frustration, the school day she just experienced.  I asked her how I could help.  After
rejecting a few ideas, I asked her if coming on Tuesdays (after lunch with Ed, my Tuesday Ranch House eatin' partner)
to listen to her students was:
1. Permissible
b. Desired
After applying through Lubbock ISD online AND passing the background check, I started in 2010.  After retiring from
Texas Tech in 2011, I increased my visits to at least Tuesdays and Thursdays, based on the being in town on those days.

Of interest: the current principal, Staci Sumners, was a former student assistant I hired at Texas Tech while finishing
her bachelor degree.  Ironical.

Staci Sumners Brown Map

Bloom where you are planted.

History of Brown Elementary

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