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Well, we'll start with me.
Born on a mountain top in Tennessee...greenest state in the land of the Free - no, wait, that was Davy, Davy Crockett.
Born in Waco, Texas on May 27, 1954 at Hillcrest Hospital.  That was a Thursday.  Here was the goings-on.

Connally High Graduate (well, they said I graduated) in 1972.  Here was the goings-on.

Moved to Lubbock on July 5th, 1975.  Here was the goings-on, started TECH on August 1st of 1975.

Married Betty Sutherlin March 28th, 1980.    Here was the goings-on.
Divorced December 1994.    Here was the goings-on.

Married Debra Bain Webb July 1st, 2001.  Call her "Deb".  Here was the goings-on.
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Her Family!

My dad died July 28th, 2001.
  He was born in Salinas, Arkansas.  His mom died when he was 3 years old.
He and his brother, Willie, wouldn't go long without a mother-figure.  Althea was the grandmother we knew and
she never gave an indication that she wasn't Grandma.

Deb never met my dad.  He never left me with profound words other than "This house is not a gymnasium."
My brother will back me on this.  Mom said he remarked "Poor people have poor ways".  That's profound and accurate.

Three years ago, I found out I have a half-sister that lives in London (yeah, England).  Since, I've seen her every year.  Pat (Patricia) and Peter (Peetuh)
Blount are enjoyable to be around and spent a week in Lubbock with us starting September 7th (2017)  during their USA tour.

My mom died June 2nd, 2019,.
James Edgar Johnson Betty Ruth (Johnson) Johnson
Nancy Ruth Johnson Sturdivant May 13, 1949 James Sturdivant
Me as they said in Monty Python, I'm not dead yet!
Janice Elaine Johnson Woiton Crockett February 24, 1961 Kris Crockett
Larry Paul Johnson December 30, 1964 Donna
Pat Manning August 31st, 1944 Peter

Larry, Janice, Gary at the Atrium in Bellmead, Texas
Christmas (12/15) 2012.
Pat gary Dyllan Deb
September 13, 2017 at the house before our guests left for Arkansas

Momma died 6/2/2019
This picture was taken  Christmas Eve, 2013.  Nancy, James and I were together with mom on a Christmas Eve for the first time in over 15 years at the Atrium..

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