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Shop This is the shop - the MAN cave
Built in 1991, never finished, the shop was on my life's bucket list.  Along with going to Europe, the biggies in my life are accomplished.  This place allows me to shut the door to sawdust at the end of my shop time and with grass between the shop & house, dust myself off before entering the aseptically clean house.  Credit to Kelly Morman who helped me with the (hip style) roof  (which is off-center by 6 inches, East to West) and the electrical.  Passing Lubbock building code, the heated (and air-cooled) shop isn't big enough, but then, no shop ever is.

                                Dimensions and layout are below.  

Most of my efforts with woodworking lately involve AMBUCS ramp builds with materials provided by TexasRamps.Org.
These ramps can be viewed at www.7976491.com

Shop dimensions
Thanks, Kelly Mormon
 The dimensions started out adequately enough, though one can never
have enough clamps/tools.  Natural gas was run in 2006 and numerous fans (20") have been added through the years.  There is a roof exhaust fan, two skylights and a west-shade tree which helps facilitate a temperature-friendly atmosphere, sometimes.  A 19" LCD TV has replaced an old color TV I won at the Texas Tech Federal Credit Union member meeting in 1995.  It is attached via cable to DirecTV.  Phone/intercom, microwave and refrigerator service along with CD and AM/FM radio make this a great place to hang out.  The Shopsmith (1988 MarkV with 520 upgrade) along with a Grizzly G0478 hybrid table saw do most of the cutting action.  

An electrical problem forced an update of the electrical run in March of 2014.  Fortunately, no one was hurt and I'm electrified again.

Bob Bailey did the $880.00 of concrete work.

Lubbock Woodworker Club
Current vice president, past president

 Bridge City Tools - Kerf Maker Latest woodworking toy:
Bridge City Tools
KM-1 Kerfmaker
This little jewel uses measurements
directly from the wood and blade
to make tight-fitting joints.

The video link is a 4-minute
in-action demonstration.

Some of my projects:
Stehpani Jackson's dog house Finished on Monday,
March 4th, 2013
A 4'x3'x3' dog house for
Stephanie Jackson's dog.

New bench drawers Undercabinet drawers afford more
protected space for tools like
router bits.
New bench drawers complete Finished drawer installation with
new bench top with an aluminum
edge for protection.

******************** August 2010  
Six book cases for my wife and her 1st grade class room which had no book cases for her LARGE collection of books.  ********************************
Book Case 1
She did the painting and purchasing of the materials.   Project started in August 2010 and five of the six were finished before school day #1 on August 23rd.  A bit over $40 was spent on each case, each taking a 4'x8' sheet of plywood. Book Case photo #2
These cases have yet to have the Masonite backing applied.  The dimensions run 16 inches deep, 42 inches tall and 30 inches wide.  These custom cases, made out of 3/4" pine plywood with Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) face frames, fit an area of her room which helps to extend the North window sill of  her class room at Brown Elementary in Lubbock Texas. Book Case photo #3
I'll post a picture soon of all of them in place in the class room, as soon as I can find a way to avoid the principal as I've spent waaaaay too much time in a principal's office.    You'd know that Debbie's classroom is next to the principal's office... Book Case photo #4
Deb's Room
Avoided the Principal.

Lupe Clock **************************************** October, 2003
This was a clock I built for Lupe Garza, TTU employee and former basketball official.  He had the metal clock "face" and the lower green tin.  I took some weathered fence boards, straight-edged and planned the back side.  I did a glue up of the 3.5" boards, and framed the boards like a picture frame with mitered corners.  I think I charged him $40.00.  I should have charged him $41.25.  He loves his clock.       

My Sandbox *************  August 2005
These are two play sand boxes (not for cats).  I made the one in the front one using the back one as a guide.  I built it for Post Independent School District and charged them $240.00  The box is of oak with a galvanized steel liner inside.  The finish is clear water-based polyurethane.  Sand was included.  It has a removable lid...somewhere.

Sandbox - theirs
Here is the Childs Play R651 Toddler Sand and Water Table with Top
(Price: $264.84 PLUS $60.30 for shipping for a total of: $325.14).  www.buy.com
This was what I was trying to replicate.  I succeeded PLUS, mine has casters.
The girls are child actor twins who were adopted by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

My mantle *********************** November, 2002 ***********************
I built this mantle for me.  It is made from mahagany.  The middle panel is actually a dawer, the other panels are just panels.  The drawers hold what drawers hold.  Well, not underwear "drawers".  This drawer hold  matches, a gas line key and firearms.  Don't tell Debbie.  I think the materials co$t $50 and there was no labor charge.  It is held in place with a French cleat.  If I ever leave this house, I can take the mantle with me.  At Christmas the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon will be here.   I don't care to see Saint Bernard.  He sheds and drinks - I think he's Catholic.  I took a loss on this project but it looks good for a mantle.  
Better than Mickey Mantle.

Big Book Stand ****************      December, 2009 ****************
This project was for Debbie's (Brown Elementary kindergarten) classroom.  The magnetic dry-erase board is removable and the rear of the case is open for storage of ...BIG books.  The case can be disassembled in case of storage, but I doubt that will happen.

These separators allow books as wide as 18" and as tall as 24" to be placed and separated.

Big Book Easel
This is the Big Book (aka Sproutz Big Book Easel) stand in action.  The students are unknown (and do not face the camera becuase of their under-age.  The makeup and selection are balanced and politically correct.  The teacher is actually an actor with a degree in pointing.  This model can be purchased for $322.20 at www.classroom-furnishing.com pre-shipping/tax/handling.  It's eco-friendly and made from (quote) 100% recycled wood (unquote).  I see plastic and metal...
It includes a 5-year factory warranty!

Easel feature
My version - this big book stand is of birch plywood and the top (easel type book holder) can pivot down to be more compact.  The rear of the case is for big book storage and the front allows a dry-erase/magnetic board to be attached.  Casters (4) allow the stand to be moved.  This project co$t about $80.00 in material (a Debbie purchase) and, well, you KNOW the value of MY time.

Coming up: a big screen TV stand (mahogany), and SOMETHING smaller.

On the assembly table today: walnut timing light for WWJS Toastmasters (green/yellow/red)

Jig work: an incremental outfeed and infeed table for the miter box that is incrementally adjustable.  March 2014.

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