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This year (2019), I'm again playing with South Plains College.
No team picture yet.


I've played with the Electrifiers for 3 years, the last year being 2013.  I like the team colors.  
are two women who are (this is funny-ironic) GRANDFATHERED into the league.
The guy in the lower center is David Flores, one of my best friends.  The guy to the
left of "Mr. Sunglasses" is the sponsor, Stan Fry.  Ironic name in that he does
electrical work.  Everyone except the manager and assistant manager are drafted each
season, playing 20 games and then the end-of-season tournament.  I usually play
center field cause I'm FAST.  
Electrifiers - 2010 Lubbock City Champions
the above is a link to the Senior Softball web site.  You have to be at least 50 years old to play.

Fireplaces Unlimited 2009
                               Fireplaces Unlimited 
2008 Senior Softball Team - three missing in un-action.  
Standing:  Steve, Dario, Rob, Gary, Ray
Kneeling:  Tom, Ronnie, James
(we, uh, refer to Fireplaces Unlimited as "FU".  Center guy, bottom, is Ronnie
Smith - he owned Fireplaces Unlimited but sold the business in 2011.)

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