Texas Tech University's Double "T" Scoreboard.

  This "career" started in 1983 as a fill-in for Steve Taylor who's wife was with child.  It ended with the last 2012 home
game at Jones AT&T Stadium (11/20/2012 41-34 win over Kansas in double overtime).  It was fun while it lasted.
  Steve and Charlie Graves were the operators, a teletype-computer who were fellow TTU Computer Center
employees.  Starting with the 1984 season, it was Charlie and me until Charlie retired 2 years later.  Steve rejoined me
when (his wife allowed) his kids were out of the house; the last 5 years.  Thanks, Steve.
  I've only been in trouble three or four instances during that time span, two of them with Texas A&M football games,
both A&M losses.  

In 2013, Texas Tech installed ribbon boards and a larger video display.  The decision to cease operation of the message board ended my career of doing the Double T Scoreboard.  Life progresses, changes and ends.  It was a good run.

Ken Jones Matt Williams

Wes Welker while at Texas Tech 2002

Created in the 3rd quarter of the 2002
home win against ut.  Unlike some other
spur-of-the-moment, this message was
spelt CORRECTLY before displaying.

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