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October 3rd, 1960, on a Monday night on CBS TV started 249 episodes of the best gol-durn TV show that ever was and still is:

Yes, I know trivia.  Yes, I have all of the DVDs and Yes, I've been to Mayberry Days in Mount Airy, North Carolina.
I'm a bonafide member of the Who's Been Messin' Up the Bulletin Board online club: WBMUTBB
And a member of The Chicken Thieves & What-not Chapter.  I'm What-not.
Mayberry Days isn't about the guests or stars of the show, it's a gathering of those who love and appreciate The Andy Griffith Show.

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Mayberry Union High
Victory, is yours well nigh
We'll HIT the line for
POINTS every time
The Orange & Blue will try, try, try, try

And, when the Victory's won
You'll be our favorite son
Proud waves your banner in the sky
Mayberry Union High

See it, sing it

Andy in his home town of Mt. Airy, NC The TVLand statue dedication in
Mt. Airy, North Carolina

  September 25th, 2004

 Unseen Mayberry People
Sarah Sarah, the telephone operator
Juanita Juanita, the Waitress

The "trick" to Barney's camera capture at Wally's Fillin' Station
Episode 85: The Great Filling Station Robbery The RED circle shows the
hook on which the string is routed.

The cup-hook above the door allows
the inward opening door to PULL the
string attached to the shutter release
on the camera.  

IF this wasn't the case, the string
would just hang limp on the door's

Most viewers don't see the hook in the
door frame...trained noticers do.

(The top part of the frame is called the
where the hook is attached).

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